Common Ash – Fraxinus Excelsior

Description Fact Sheet
The ash is a mighty tree in the British Isles and seen as one of the most iconic trees. However it’s proficiency as a bonsai is not so good. The leaves are very big and leave the tree looking very bare in winter if the bonsai is not big enough.
The ash produces seeds in groups which are known as keys. They usually remain on the tree right through the winter and only drop in spring.
Ash trees reach sexual maturity at 30 and stop growing in height at 100. They rarely live past 250 years.
Origin: Europe
Height: 40m/130ft
Shape: Broadly columnar
Pollinated: Insect
Leaf Shape: Pinnate

The ash can grow to be a very large tree growing to 30m high and 20m wide. It is a deciduous tree and has pinnate leaves of around 9-13 leaflets. The bark is a greyish brown colour and the buds are dark black.
It is normally the last tree to open it’s leaves in springtime.

Potential as a bonsai

Although the common ash can be used as a bonsai it can be hard to made to look good. It has big leaves which drop off in winter making the tree look bare. If you do want to miniaturize it into bonsai form you would be best making a bonsai which is at least 2 foot in height.
It is easily repotted and can take a fair amount of punishment and still bounce back.